Planned to hit the gym, but the couch is feeling a little too comfortable? We’ve all been tempted to skip a workout, and it’s said and done when no one holds you accountable to actually go train.

Scheduling a session with a personal trainer creates a barrier to those excuses. After all, your trainer is waiting for you at the gym, and you’ve already invested your hard-earned money. Can’t just let it go to waste, right? 😉

Still having a hard time staying on track? A personal trainer isn’t just a physical coach. They know all about the mental challenges that come with consistently working out. Part of their job is to hold you accountable and make sure you’re hitting the gym. You’re stronger as a team!



Personal training adds more social interaction and FUN to your workout! It’s like spending time with a friend and working on your goals at the same time. Meaning it’s basically a gym buddy that knows all the ins and outs of the gym but is here to focus on YOUR progress.

Sounds too good to be true? That’s what the right personal trainer is!

They make your training time fly by and encourage you to get that extra rep in or run that extra mile. They might just be what you need to reach that next level in your fitness journey. Ready to give it a try?



One of the most important things during your workout is a proper form while performing exercises. Not only are you working the right muscles, but it is necessary to prevent yourself from any injuries.

Now, don’t stress about finding YouTube videos that show you how to do the exercises. Having a personal trainer by your side is the best guarantee of a great form!

Currently, having injuries but still want to hit the gym? A personal trainer might be your best option to discuss possibilities. Get a personalised workout plan that currently works for you, and get guidance to prevent any further damage to your injury. There is always a way to get your workout in!

Oh, by the way, did you know that recovery time is just us important to prevent injuries? Try our Cryotherapy at Renessence and give your body what it needs!

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4 You’ll LEARN A LOT

Whether you’re new to the gym or have been training for years, there is always something new to learn! Personal trainers are the muscles and brains of the fitness industry and will guide and inform you on everything you need to know (tailored to your goals). During your next session, consider turning down your music volume and focus on what your trainer is telling you. You’ll most likely pick up some knowledge about fitness, nutrition, and your overall health. Sounds like a great bonus to us!



Okay, auto-pilot might be overdoing it, but a personal trainer’s guidance can give your overall fitness journey and performance an incredible boost.

Having a tailored workout plan, an accountability- and gym buddy, and a real-life motivator are huge benefits to anyone’s fitness journey.

After a while, you might find yourself looking forward to your training more often, making healthier nutritional choices out of habit, and experiencing improved mental health! The path to reaching your goals isn’t always easy, but a personal trainer sure does their best to make it feel that way.


FREE session with a personal trainer

Ready to try for yourself? At TrainMore we have certified Personal Trainers who can help you with your goal.

As a TrainMore member you get a welcome session with a personal trainer for free. Together you can create a plan for your first few weeks. If you want more 1-on-1 support, then our Personal Training membership is for you. Check out all the details about this membership over here.

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Curious what a PT session looks like? Watch the video below and get a taste of a personal training session at TrainMore:



Will you up level your workouts with a Personal Trainer?


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