1 You train too much

Yes, you read that right. Planned a rest day, got bored, and headed to the gym anyway? It seems like a good idea, but you might be getting in the way of your hard-earned gains.

Overtraining happens when you don’t give your body enough rest. Your muscles need enough recovery time and rest to be able to recover from your workouts. So, training a muscle group while it is still sore is a big NO-GO.

Some signs of overtraining might be having sore muscles all the time, decreased performance in the gym, and feeling low in energy. Having a hard time falling asleep and catching colds more often could also be signs you’re overtraining.

What can you do about it? Not to sound cliche, but try listening to your body. Take a couple of rest days to give your body the well-deserved time and rest to recover. You might start feeling a lot better within a few days already. Adjust your training program to add more rest days or low-intensity training if needed. Remember, your muscles grow while resting. Don’t let your hard work go to waste 😉


2 You don’t warm up properly

Raise your hand if you have skipped out on a proper warm-up before training 🙋. We’re all guilty of saving time and jumping right into the good stuff, but warming up is absolutely essential before lifting weights. So make sure to add it to your tight schedule from now on.

Not only does warming up prevent injury, but it also improves your performance by prepping your muscles, joints, and nervous system for what’s coming. Heavy weights!

How to warm up properly?

Forget about static stretches. Dynamic stretches, a quick cardio sesh, and mobility work are the real deal. Five minutes of each should be plenty before getting to work. You got your heart rate up and your blood flowing, prepared your muscles for the upcoming exercises, and increased your range of motion. Ready for the ultimate workout?

Pro tip: Add in a lightweight set before the first set of any heavy compound lift. You can do this throughout your entire workout where needed.


3 You’re doing the same routine for too long

Your current training plan might be the one you swear by. But no matter how good and tailored it is, you should consider switching up your beloved exercises every now and then. Practicing hypertrophy is essential for any effective workout plan, but even when you’re continuously increasing your weight and reps, you might start hitting an unnecessary plateau when repeating the same workout for too long.

Keep in mind that your training plan shouldn’t be unrecognizable every six weeks, but do swap out your assistance exercises for other variations. Your muscles will get triggered in a new way and it keeps your workout routine more interesting too! Excited to finally try that new exercise?


4 You’re performing reps too quickly

Slow and controlled reps for the win!

Performing movements too quickly doesn’t just risk injuries, but it’s getting in the way of your gym progress. It often decreases your mind-to-muscle connection and minimizes the time your muscle is under tension, meaning it’s a lot less effective and you’re wasting potential gains.

Next time you’re in the gym, focus on a proper form and technique, activate your mind-to-muscle connection, and take your time practicing through the movements. Feel the right muscle burn yet?

And remember, quality over quantity! If you’re on a time limit and moving controlled and slowly means you’ve got less room for other exercises, so be it. Focus on compounds and any assistance you fit in without rushing. Thank us later 😉.


5 You’re neglecting the rest of your lifestyle

Consistently hitting the gym shows your dedication and motivation, which is something to be proud of! But if you’re not seeing the results you were hoping for, your workouts might not be the issue. Other lifestyle factors such as sleep, nutrition, and daily habits, can play a huge role in supporting or hindering your gym progress.

We’re not saying you shouldn’t involuntarily adjust your entire lifestyle to the gym, but gradually including changes such as drinking more water, hitting your protein goal, and prioritizing sleep throughout the week could help to boost your results. You don’t know until you try!


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