1 Bring your towel and water. 

You’re working out to sweat, right? To make sure you stay hydrated and clean, bring your towel and water bottle. No worries though if you forgot to bring it. You can buy them in one of our XXL Nutrition vending machines. Your first time at the gym will be a success for sure!


2 Start with a warming-up.

We know that you’re excited to hit the machines, but warm-up your muscles first. Give your body some time to transition to workout mode and get your muscles activated. This is how you set yourself up for success and limit the risk of injuries. Cardio machines like the bike, treadmill or the cross-trainer are great for your warming up. Take at least 6 minutes for this, and enjoy, because your workout has officially started!


3 Have a plan.

Your first time at the gym will go smooth if you have a plan and know exactly what you’re going to do. This is how you avoid you wandering around and feeling lost. Know what exercises you’ll work on, and immediately start working on those gains.

Do you need help with creating a plan? We’ve got your back! As a TrainMore member you get a welcome session with a personal trainer for free. Together you can create a plan for your first few weeks. If you want more 1-on-1 support, then our Personal Training membership is for you. Check out all the details about this membership over here.


4 Write down your progress.

It’s time to get organised and keep your progress going. So, write down what you did during your session. This makes it easy to remember what you did. It also helps to know if you’re hitting those personal records. ‘Cause let’s be honest, that’s what we want, right?


5 Have fun!

Working on yourself and exercising is something positive and fun. So, put on your best smile and have the best time when you hit the gym. Also make sure you keep going. We all had to start somewhere. If you put having fun first, your progress will come in time. And before you know it, you’ll be a fitness pro! Oh, and if you ever have a question, we’re happy to help!


Grab your free gym session

Did you know that you can get a free day pass at TrainMore? After reading this blog you’re more than ready to hit the gym, so this free day will come in handy. Grab your free day pass here.


Will we see you at the gym soon?


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