7 reasons to get a personal trainer



Whether you want to lose weight, train for a marathon, or break a personal record, a personal trainer can help you get there. Because let’s be honest, the endless scrolling on YouTube to find the workout that matches your goals, isn’t getting you anywhere. Besides, your body might need a different approach then the cookie-cut workout schedules that you find online. With your personal trainer, you can create a plan that is fit for your goal, body and lifestyle. Wanna bet that reaching your goals will go as easy as 1, 2, 3?



With a personal trainer, you can leave your brain at home (kinda). What is great about having a personal trainer, is that you just need to show up. Your personal trainer will create a specific workout plan tailored to you and your needs. The best part? It’s a schedule that guarantees results! You just show up, put the work in and enjoy. Are you getting sweaty yet?



Am I doing this right? No more wondering about that, your personal trainer is right there to make sure you’re doing the exercises the right way. If you’re going faster or slower than planned, the two of you can adjust the training schedule so you can stay on track. It must feel nice to know you’re in good hands!

4 You’ll LEARN A LOT

Can’t wait to be able to train on your own? Personal training is a great way to get familiar in the gym and start off on the right foot (literally). Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be able to exercise correctly on your own and work towards your goals at any time of the day. Get ready to become a certified gym rat! Oh, and did you know that recovery time is just us important as your workout? Try our Cryotherapy at Renessence to speed up your recovery time!


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Excuses? Never heard of them. One of the most challenging parts of your fitness journey is staying consistent. Your weekly appointment with your personal trainer might just be the nudge you need to get off the couch and into the gym. They’ll ask about your week too: did you stick to your diet? Did you get 8 hours of sleep every night? Having an accountability buddy waiting for you at the gym can do great things for your daily self-encouragement as well.


6 A friendly face

For some people it can be a bit scary to go to the gym. Thoughts like ‘I’ll be alone’, and ‘I don’t know what to do’ can stop you from ever entering a gym. But if you want to work on that healthy body, you’re gonna have to start somewhere. If you work with a personal trainer, you’ll always have a friendly face in the room. This will put you at ease immediately. With your personal trainer by your side, you will never feel lost or alone. Maybe your personal trainer can even introduce you to your new gym buddy. Who knows!



They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit. So, are you down to make it official in three weeks?

Having a personal trainer helps to build a structured routine and good habits. Apart from the accountability to show up, you’ll also get used to the new structure of working out at set times. Keep it up for long enough and you won’t be able to stop!


FREE session with a personal trainer

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Personal trainers can provide support anywhere from hitting your goals to preventing injuries. Either way, they’re a great tool for every gym-goer at any fitness level. At TrainMore we have certified Personal Trainers who can help you with your goal.

As a TrainMore member you get a welcome session with a personal trainer for free. Together you can create a plan for your first few weeks. If you want more 1-on-1 support, then our Personal Training membership is for you. Check out all the details about this membership over here.


Get started

If you’re looking to start a new habit of working out or want to win a lifting competition? The right personal trainer will guide you to where you want to be. Book your free personal training intake today. Because, why not?

Curious to know what a session looks like? Watch the video below and get a taste of a personal training session at TrainMore.


Will we see you soon at the gym?


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