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One membership, more fitness options. Make it easy for your employees, by giving them access to the Netherlands' fastest-growing urban fitness playground, featuring TrainMore, BTY CLB & TRIB3.

Benefits of employees who maintain an active lifestyle


improvement in mood.

Give'em a daily dose of the '‘feel-good hormone’ through regular exercise and watch your workplace turn into an energized hub of productivity. 


reduced absenteeism

Say 'doei' to the snooze fest of absenteeism and 'hoi' to a workforce with a team-player mentality.


improved employee health

When health shakes, everything else crumbles. By supporting your employees’ health you’re helping your team stand strong. Fewer sick day requests on your e-mail and more “hit the gym after work?” texts on Slack - the dream. 


more productive: An object in motion… stays in motion ;)

Employees who stay physically active are not just more productive and energized but also feel more motivated to keep smashing their goals across different areas. 

Let’s talk TrainMore Business benefits:

  1. 18% Tax Benefits: 
    Did you know that while your employees are getting in shape… your finances are too? Yup, that’s right. Investing in your employee’s health is investing in up to a 40% tax advantage for your business.
  2. Company Discount:
    Your employees get an discount on their gym membership. And on top of that, every day they work out, they get extra €1,- off from their monthly fee. 18 workouts per 4 weeks = €18 less on the bill! So train more, pay less!
  3. +30 Locations:
    Choose between +30 TrainMore locations in all major cities in the Netherlands. Want more? Have more and upgrade your employees’ access to all locations so they can shuffle between our different gyms and brands (BTY CLB, TRIB3).
  4. Extra TrainMore benefits:
    Get professional advice from our personal trainers, try all flavours of XXL Nutrition protein shakes, have a cup of coffee at the social area of our clubs, and work out to the beats of live DJs sessions!
  5. 80% More Attracted and Retained Talent: 
    Caring looks cool on you. Showing your employees you don’t just respect ‘work-life’ balance, but actively promote it, makes you an attractive employer. In an era of speed dating, choose to be a long-term relationship material.

Membership options:

At TrainMore Business, we offer a range of flexible payment options to cater to the diverse needs of both companies and employees. You can choose from the following options:

  • DIRECT DEBIT: Employees pay their membership fees directly through direct debit.
  • INVOICE: The company covers the full membership fee through invoice payment.
  • SPLIT PAYMENT: Companies can opt to split the membership fees, with part paid by invoice and the remainder collected collectively. Contact us for payment options.

Ready to give ‘fit for the job’ a whole new meaning? Or do you want to know more?

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