1 Go work out… at TrainMore.

Let’s get straight to the point: exercise is the ultimate remedy to conquer any negativity. Surprise 😉 So, even if you don’t feel like working out, get yourself off the couch and get moving. When you train, your brain produces dopamine. This chemical makes you feel happier, and that’s exactly what you need on a Blue Monday! 

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2 Focus on what’s going well.

We get it, January can be a pretty dull month. But it’s probably not ALL bad, right? Just focus on the positive things. For example, the daylight is staying up a little longer again. Before you know it, you’ll be back to sipping a drink on your favourite terrace with the sun on your pretty face. Write down 3 things that went well today. You’ll immediately feel a lot more joyful; we promise. 


3 Continue with your New Year’s resolutions.

Don’t give up, peeps! Often your New Year’s resolutions don’t exactly go to plan. But guess what? The year JUST started. Pick those goals right back up, anytime you want! Maybe even trim down your resolutions to make them more achievable (and fun), making it easier to stick to them. You’ve still got plenty of time! 

P.S. We have some incredible tips for achieving your resolutions. Follow our step-by-step plan, and achieving your goals will be easy peasy. Check out the blog post here.


4 Eat healthier.

Everyone loves chocolate and chips, but try to save those for another day. Why? Foods that are high in fats, carbohydrates, and sugars cause a dip in your blood levels. These dips can have a dreadful effect on how you feel mentally and physically.

Instead, make sure to eat balanced meals. Maybe treat yourself to some extra fruits and veggies. It’ll provide an extra boost to easily pull yourself through this gloomy day! 


5 Hello sunshine!

Catching natural daylight isn’t as easy during wintertime. It’s usually still dark out on your way to work, school, or the gym, and once you’re back home, the sun has already said its goodbye’s. Chances are, this has a negative effect on your mood. Daylight is super important for the production of vitamin D and serotonin in your brain.  

Try to prioritize squeezing in some outside time during the day. Go on a walk during lunch and soak up some of that much-needed Vitamin D. Plus, it’s an easy way for some extra movement, so let’s go! 


Here’s to skipping the blues this year. Which of these tips will help you beat Blue Monday? It’s up to you. 



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