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“Build your body. Free your mind.”


My name is Marco, I’m 30 years old and born in Porto, Portugal.
I came to the Netherlands in 2022 with the goal of progressing and growing in my field of study, especially as a personal trainer and lifestyle coach.
I have 12 years of training and competitive experience in bodybuilding and martial arts as well as 2 years of education in the field of Sport Science.
With around 3 of those last years spent simultaneously gaining coaching and personal training experience, in bodybuilding, powerlifting, strength and conditioning or lifestyle/weight loss.
Fitness is my passion – and while understanding everyone has different passions – making fitness fit into everyone’s lifestyle and routines is my goal.
As a trainer and educator I understand there is not one unique approach to fitness that fits everyone’s life and routine and the optimal way to reach your goals is the way you’re able to stay consistent at.
So let me help you take the guess work out of the way and work together towards consistent, predictable, gains!


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