Harm Jan

"Strength doesn’t come from what you can do. It comes from overcoming the things that you once thought you couldn’t!"


Meet me! My name is Harm Jan Kruijer, originally started out as a physiotherapist but because of my passion for sports and strength training, I have been working as a trainer for over 10 years now. Whether your goal is shaping or building muscle mass: I work according to the latest insights in the field of training, nutrition and lifestyle so that you can achieve the best results!

In my view, body and mind are one. For example, strength training can improve your posture and flexibility and make you more resilient in your daily life. Another example is that you are often hindered by your thoughts, which prevents you from achieving the results you could if your mindset changed.

I would be happy to make a plan with you and see what you need to become physically and mentally stronger!


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