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"One thought changes nothing, one decision changes everything."


I’m Aida, and I’ve been going to the gym since I was 15, trying many sports disciplines along the way. As an extroverted and cheerful person, I bring an abundance of energy and enthusiasm to every session, aiming to help you unlock the keys to reach your goals.

My journey hasn’t been without challenges. I once struggled with a poor relationship with food, which hindered my progress despite giving 100% in my workouts. This led me to understand the importance of body-mind balance and gather the keys to achieve your goals while enjoying life’s pleasures.

With my education and insatiable curiosity, I deeply understand the body-mind connection. I’m here not just to guide you through workouts, but to strengthen your mind and align it with your values, fostering a holistic approach to fitness.

Through varied and engaging routines, I ensure workouts are exciting and effective, helping you achieve your desired look and become more functional in daily life, preventing injuries and making life easier.

True fitness goes beyond appearance; it’s about building a functional body capable of any movement, achieving food freedom, and developing a strong mind and self-esteem that enhance every aspect of your daily life.

Ready to surpass yourself and achieve what you’ve always desired? Contact me at the gym or book a free intake session, and let’s start working on your best version now!



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