Why consistency is so hard…

Ever have those mornings when your cosy bed wins the battle against the barbell? Well, you are not alone. Consistency can be hard to keep up with for a number of reasons. Think of:

  • You’re not motivated enough
    Motivation will always continue to come and go. The solution? Add some discipline and dedication to the mix. Staying consistent solely based on motivation is a no-go for any human being. It’s natural to dread your workout sometimes, but by practising discipline, your mind will grow stronger, and your body will follow. The ultimate win-win!
  • You don’t have any specific goal
    If you’re not sure about what you’re training for, it will be way harder to stick to the initial plan. Next time your comfort-doubt kicks in, make sure to have a specific response to: ‘Why should I go, anyway?’ Figure out what it is that you’re trying to achieve and create a step-by-step plan to reach it. You’ll be much more likely to follow through, knowing it’s the only way to reach your final goal!
  • The gym is not a priority on your to-do list
    Life and its buzz are full of distractions and temptations, so setting your priorities straight is an absolute must to be able to handle them. Supposed to hit the gym but just got invited to an insane party? Stand your ground and make the best of both worlds! Hit the gym first, and join the party a bit later. Fashionably late, should we call it?


10 tips to start working out consistently

Beating these and many more factors that play a role in the challenge of consistency requires a duo of discipline and determination. But the first and crucial step is self-awareness! So good thing you’re here.

Keep on reading for 10 golden tips on how to stay consistent and stop the snooze. Ready, set, achieve your goals!


1. Stick to a repetitive time schedule

The first essential step to turning a hobby into a habit is creating a routine. Find out your preference for working out during the mornings, evenings, or whenever you have some time to spare. Now dedicate this daily moment to your workout. Make it a priority, press repeat, and get a feel for the rhythm of your fresh routine. Before you know it, it’s your new irreplaceable habit!


2. Celebrate all your small wins

We all love celebrating a good milestone, but don’t forget to praise your steps of progress along the way! Working towards your first pull-up and finally reaching for the lightest resistance band? Let’s gooo! Keep enjoying yourself and make the process worthwhile. Not to sound cliche, but it’s about the journey, not the destination, right? 😉


3. Find yourself the ultimate gym buddy

Having a friend to join your workouts and meet you at the gym is awesome for extra motivation, accountability, and fun. It makes your workout feel a bit more like a social meetup, and you wouldn’t skip the gym knowing your friend is waiting for you, right? Sounds like a great way to secure a good workout. Did anyone pop into your mind yet? At TrainMore you can get a free day pass to train at our gym. So, bring a friend for free and invite them to your next training session!


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4. Allow yourself to rest and recover

Allowing enough rest and recovery time is just as important as getting a good workout in. Make sure you’re sleeping enough on the regular, and listen to your body’s signals. Unplanned rest days are more than okay! If your body is feeling too low on energy, just promise yourself to give it your all during the next sesh. Everything is better when balanced 😉


5. Consider trying personal training

Working with a personal trainer might be the most helpful source to stay consistent, and they might be the perfect accountability buddy. Your appointment is scheduled, your fees are paid for, and your incredible trainer is waiting for you at the gym. What are the odds of staying on the couch today?

As a TrainMore member, you get a welcome session with a personal trainer for free. Together you can create a plan for your first few weeks. This will help you stay consistent for sure. Wnat even more 1-on-1 support? Then our Personal Training membership is for you. Check out all the details about this membership over here.


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6. Don’t overestimate your current abilities

We’re definitely not trying to discourage you, because you’re capable of anything! But like any other athlete, you’ll have to gradually work your way up from the starting point. Reaching too high can crush your motivation when it ends up not working out. Set realistic expectations and goals, and increase the intensity and duration as you go. And don’t forget to celebrate your small wins too!


7. Convenience is key

Make the gym as easily accessible as possible. How? By signing up to a gym that’s located near your home or workplace. This makes it way easier for you to stick to your original plan and avoid any excuses. Don’t have any gyms near you? Find one on your way to work or hop on a bike and embrace the time-friendly warm-up 😉


8. Keep track of your ongoing progress

We tend to only have eyes for the end destination, but by keeping track of your progress, you’ll most likely be surprised (and motivated) by the results along the way.

Depending on your personal goal, take regular progress pictures, note down your measurements, or track your performance as a routine. When comparing these results side by side, you’ll most likely be blown away by your unnoticed improvements. See how far you’ve come?


9.  Reward yourself

Every once in a while, treat yourself with a little reward for sticking to your workout routine. This could be something as simple as picking up your favourite iced coffee, buying that new piece of clothing you’ve been wanting, or ordering your favourite takeout! Of course, this treatment only counts when no workouts have been skipped, so you gotta work for it!


10. Practise patience

We all know results require consistency, but don’t beat yourself up if your week didn’t go as planned. Above all, balance is the most important. Make sure your workout routine is sustainable and enjoyable, while still effective. Your results won’t show overnight, so put your trust in the progress and stick to the work. You’ll get closer each day!


Consistency is key

Now you might be thinking: why should I put so much effort into being consistent? Consistency is a super important aspect that anyone should train to master. Not just for gym purposes, but generally in life! Building consistency brings limitless benefits to the table.

Not only will your physique thank you for gradually continuing to progress in the gym, but your mental health will celebrate your consistency as well! Feeling a daily sense of accomplishment, productivity, and self-control will help boost your overall mental state and self-esteem. And we bet you can imagine why: Did sticking to the plan ever not feel good?

Overall, consistency is nothing more than a mindset game. And by learning to improve it, you’ll find yourself having a much more powerful consciousness than ever before. Applying these tips and tricks will support you to manage your mind and finally conquer consistency! Make sure to give it your all while at it. We promise you won’t regret it.


Now tell us, when will you hit the gym again?



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