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Hola! I’m Jorge, and my journey into the world of fitness and sports began at an early age, driven by my passion for martial arts. However, it wasn’t until I earned the title of High-Performance Athlete at the age of 16 that my fitness journey truly took off. I achieved this title by winning Sanda National competitions in Spain, an accomplishment that not only fueled my passion but also earned me a scholarship to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Sports Science.

As I pursued my academic path, I chose to specialize in High-Performance and Sports Nutrition, recognizing the profound impact of nutrition on achieving peak physical and mental states. Today, I’m dedicated to empowering individuals to unlock their full potential through fitness.

My philosophy is to help people achieve their goals based on their unique requirements, making the journey enjoyable and rewarding. I consider it essential to keep my knowledge updated on science-based literature and the current demands, such as Low Back Pain Rehabilitation and Strength and Hypertrophy optimization.



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