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Conscious, consistent, smart choices, and positive habits today, based on step-by-step progress, not perfection, shape the masterpiece of my lifetime.


Passionate about guiding you on your fitness journey, I find purpose and immense satisfaction in helping you achieve your goals. With over 21 years of dedicated practice in performance sports, I bring a wealth of experience to my coaching approach.

Driven by a sincere love for my work, I am committed to being the best that I can possibly be at what I do. Details matter to me; proper form and technique are the foundation of effective training. Staying updated on the latest information through continuous study and research, I ensure that your workouts at TrainMore are both safe and cutting-edge.

My approach is collaborative – I value your feedback, and together, we tailor your training experience within the TrainMore community. From assessing your starting point to creating a supportive environment, my aim is to foster progress and positive habits.

Believing in a holistic coaching style that goes beyond exercise routines, I bring a positive, encouraging energy, aiming to inspire and make a meaningful difference in your life. Let’s work together within the TrainMore family, achieving your fitness goals and cultivating a healthier, more vibrant version of yourself.


Piet Heinkade

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