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"Sport en fitness zijn leuk, niet alleen om je te helpen een geweldig lichaam te behalen en behouden, maar vooral om een gezondere mindset te creëren."


Workout at the gym should be fun and exciting, however, often lack of knowledge and poor posture is keeping us away from reaching out our fitness goals and keeps us stuck with no results.   We all live in our bodies, but not always know how to use it right. Working out together  can help you to develop new skills to know when you should go hard and push through the pain, and when your body needs rest and recuperation. If you take care of your body properly and listen to its signals its more likely you can achieve your best shape of your life. 

Performance and movement is the key element in any kind of sports. Therefore the most important focus during trainings are movement and posture. My own fitness background came from fights in martial arts and Thai Boxing where discipline, precision, speed, and agility are most important features.  That’s exactly what Im ready to carry over to my clients. After suffering from anorexia, eating disorders and body dysmorphia at very early age I am passionate about connecting our mind and body into one unit and allowing your body to work for you by giving the best physical results.



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